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Fanie Pelletier

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BSc Université Laval | PhD Université de Sherbrooke | PDF Imperial College London and Centre for Population biology |

My research program explores how environmental variation (natural and artificial) affects the evolutionary potential of wild vertebrate populations and assesses the role of selection on population dynamics. Members of my group and I carry out studies that ranges from pure evolutionary demography to conservation. Most of our work used longitudinal studies of marked animal populations (such as wild sheep and goats) to understand how change in environmental conditions can affect the evolution of their life histories, the ecology and the population dynamics of these species.

See the research page to have an overview of the current projects of my Lab.

Mon programme de recherche s'interesse aux effets de la variation écologiques (naturelle et anthropique) sur le potentiel évolutif des population de vertébrés. Pour plus d'info sur les projets de recherche en cours dans mon labo voir la page recherche.

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